The Revolution Called Bitcoin

We’re Zebpay. In the business of cryptocurrencies since the year 2014, we’ve achieved dizzying heights with over 3 million users and $2 Billion in fiat transactions. From rapidly growing to become the biggest crypto-exchange in one of the largest economies in the world, to expanding to newer, unknown territories, our evolution has been nothing short of a revolution – much like that of Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin Doesn’t Give Up

Bitcoin Doesn’t Give Up

Our market expansion was phenomenal and the community welcomed us with open arms. The global ecosystem, however, was riled with uncertainity, doubt and extreme challenges. Despite which, we continued to thrive and flourish, cementing the fact that besides being good at being a great crypto-exchange, we’re also really good at never giving up; again, much like Bitcoin.

The Rise & Rise of Bitcoin

The Rise & Rise of Bitcoin

With the fundamentals of being a decentralized, inmutable and trustless financial system, we see an idea whose time has come. You remember what they say about such ideas, right? Concurrently, our business ethics, single-minded focus on security and exceptional product delivery have ensured that we’re poised to rise again; just like a phoenix rising through the ashes; once again, much like Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Break Barriers

Bitcoin Breaks Barriers

In its very conception, Bitcoin was created to break barriers. From decentralizing power to empowering individuals into global financial inclusion, the essence of Bitcoin was always to break barriers. So how did they get bound by new-found shackles that limited their proliferation? Complexity hampered inclusion, risk factors encouraged fears and fee structures created barriers. Not at Zebpay. At Zebpay, we ensured beautiful designs which are clutter-free, battle-tested safety and security nets to make Crypto-investments stress-free and fee structures that will allow you to trade free – in the true spirit of Bitcoin.



We are one of the fastest growing and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, headquartered in Singapore.

With a recently established presence in Malta we continue our rapid expansion across continents, attracting both crypto-traders and crypto-focussed investors from across the globe. We take great pride in our exceptional security protocols and provide cryptographically verifiable Proof of Reserve.

With offices spread across multiple continents, we continue to grow from strength to strength with our specialised blockchain and Bitcoin teams.