Introducing Crypto to Crypto Trading on Zebpay

Introducing Crypto to Crypto Trading on Zebpay

Zebpay is excited to announce the launch of crypto-to-crypto trading. Now, you can easily exchange one cryptocurrency for another.

The first pair we’re introducing is ETH/BTC. More crypto pairs coming soon. Happy Trading!

Crypto-to-crypto trading feature will be available in the new app update: Android version 2.0.14 and iOS version 2.0.24. Apart from crypto-to-crypto trading, here are more features introduced with this new app update:

  • 1. A new intuitive trade UI to help you easily switch between INR and BTC trading pairs.
  • 2. From the same dropdown, you can now check the high low and the 24-hour percentage change for all the coins.

Crypto to Crypto Trading


  • 3. Now no need to calculate the coin quantity by yourself for trading. You can enter values in INR and the app will calculate the quantity for you.

Visit our support page to learn more about crypto-to-crypto trading.

Know more about fees and limits related to crypto-to-crypto trades.


23 Apr 201816.1K Views

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