Zebpay App Product Update – September 17, 2018

Zebpay App Product Update – September 17, 2018

We wanted to give product update on what we are launching and other technical advancements. Here’s a curated update on what Zebpay engineers are working on.

Tether, Stellar and Ethereum Classic – Coming Soon

To able to provide you with more options of digital assets on Zebpay, we are announcing that soon you will see the addition of 3 new cryptocurrencies:

  • Tether (USDT)
  • Stellar (XLM)
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Additions of USDT, XLM, ETC or any new assets will be updated on our blog, twitter, and social channels. Make sure you follow the updates!

Support for CyberMiles’ Mainnet Migration

Support for CyberMiles’ Mainnet Migration

CyberMiles is launching mainnet on Oct 15, 2018. Zebpay is pleased to announce full support of CyberMiles’ mainnet upgrade and token migration. Please refer official announcement for official dates of migration.

As always, if you hold your CMT tokens in Zebpay wallet, there is no action required from your end. Zebpay will facilitate CMT token migration in a safe and secure manner. To avoid any losses, deposit your CMTs to Zebpay wallet before Oct. 9 2018, 23:59 (UTC+00) (official date before migration begins).

We will release more information on the status of CMT deposits and withdrawals in coming days. Keep a watch on upcoming announcements.

In continuation to our support for EOS, TRON mainnet upgrade and currently with CyberMiles, Zebpay aims to support upcoming token migration events of supported tokens.

Everipedia airdrop and support for other EOS tokens

Everipedia airdrop and support for other EOS tokens

As per Zebpay’s stance on forks, we believe that our users should benefit from the events like forks and airdrop. Prior to supporting and providing the benefits of such events like forks/airdrop or a new asset, we need to ensure safety and handle security vulnerabilities of digital assets at Zebpay.

Having said that, Zebpay is pleased to announce that we support Everipedia IQ token airdrop. The airdrop will be based on the genesis snapshot as mentioned by Everipedia.

Everipedia (IQ) tokens will be credited based on the EOS wallet balance in Zebpay exchange as on June 2nd 21:59:59 UTC (EOS mainnet snapshot). We will share more details on the distribution of IQ tokens soon.

Starting with Everipedia IQ token, Zebpay intends to support more EOS tokens on Zebpay exchange. More details out soon.

Support for Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Support for Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

All Zebpay users holding a balance of Bitcoin (BTC) during the hard fork on October 25th (Block Number 491407) have been credited with equivalent Bitcoin Gold (BTG) on 28th August 2018, 1 PM IST. You can read more about BTG credits here.


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