Zebpay App Version Release Updates – Android 2.0.30 and iOS 2.0.42

Zebpay App Version Release Updates – Android 2.0.30 and iOS 2.0.42

At Zebpay, we are constantly coming up with new updates and features. And, the new app version Android 2.0.30 and iOS 2.0.42 has been rolled out with many new features. All our developments focus on simplifying the execution of trades and a seamless cryptocurrency trading experience.

Here are the new 10 new features and updates on Zebpay Exchange:

Zebpay App - No PIN for trades

You can now place quick buy or sell orders, without any PIN confirmation. An additional step required for placing an order has been omitted. Just enter the quantity of cryptocurrency you want to buy/sell and done! No PIN confirmation required.

Zebpay App - Buy Max and Sell Max

Introducing “Buy Max” and “Sell Max” while you place your trade orders. You can use this option to either buy or sell with your complete wallet (crypto or fiat) balance in one go. Tap on the option and your entire crypto balance will be added to place your buy/sell order.

Zebpay App - Archive Address

Archive the old or unused send addresses in one tap. Sort and keep the send addresses that are active or commonly used by you. Managing your send addresses is now easy with archive option. You can archive whitelisted and non-whitelisted addresses.

Tap on archive option or slide the address to the left side to archive. You can see the list of all archived addresses and the transactions related to each address in “archived addresses” option. Please be careful before archiving any send addresses, as this process cannot be undone. Here’s a step-by-step process to archive your send address.

Zebpay App - View Rate in Native Currency

View rate in native country currency while trading in crypto-to-crypto. When entering the quantity for buy/sell order, you can now select the currency you wish to view the equivalent amount in. This can be done for native country currency or supported crypto-to-crypto pairs.

Zebpay App - Trending View

Set “Trending” view of your choice by sorting it with volume, last price or change%. This functionality will help you to identify the trending cryptocurrencies and plan your investments accordingly. Use it to optimize your investing decisions. Tap on “star” option to add it to your favorites.

Zebpay App - ERC20 Tokens

Earlier, sending supported ERC 20 tokens on Zebpay exchange required 100 confirmations. Now, it has reduced 30 confirmations. Enjoy faster confirmations for sending supported ERC 20 tokens.

Zebpay App - Logout Feature

Be more secure, while using a shared device. Use the new logout feature. From settings, tap on log out and protect your account from being easily accessible. Log in back with PIN and OTP sent on your registered mobile number.

Zebpay App - New Profile View

Know all your details in the new profile section. An easy overview of your profile is now accessible from “Profile” section. There are 3 tabs – Profile, KYC and, Notifications. View or edit your personal info and KYC details. Set your notification preferences from “Notifications” tab. Slide on the options you wish to receive alerts for – transactions, account, security, rate updates, market analysis or other Zebpay updates.

This is currently available in iOS version. We will be rolling it out in Android soon.

Zebpay App - On Screen Guide

You can access an on-screen guide to help you use the new simplified trade interface. Your go-to help tool for understanding the functionalities in Zebpay app. This is your self-help guide, accessible anytime you want.

For any other issues, we are always ready for support at ticket.zebpay.com. This is currently available in iOS version. We will be rolling out in Android soon.

Zebpay App - Battery and Performance

As always, we are working on basic but crucial features like improved performance and battery optimization.

Update your Android and iOS app now to access these new features and updates in your Zebpay app. Keep trading!

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