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What is kyber?

  • Kyber Network is an Ethereum-based trustless decentralized exchange and payment service.
  • Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) is an ERC-20 token that is required to be held by Kyber reserves and is paid as fees to Kyber to cover operational costs and reward partners.
  • Kyber Network is an on-chain protocol which facilitates instant exchange and conversion of digital assets founded by Loi Luu , Yaron Velner in August 2017.
  • Kyber Network allows users to trade instantly on the blockchain without any registration process or deposits required.
  • Learn more about Kyber Network here. To study price action and volume visit coinmarketcap

Easy steps to get started

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Download Zebpay app and submit your PAN card, bank details and Aadhar card to complete verification.

Make Payment
To buy kyber, make payment to Zebpay bank account and add funds to your Rs balance.

Buy Kyber
Buy, sell and trade kyber in India and experience future of money.

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RBI and Virtual Currencies

As per a recent RBI action, banks have been told to discontinue banking services to those dealing with virtual currencies. While our industry is challenging this legally, the outcome is beyond our control. Hence, if you are holding any rupees, or depositing any rupees in Zebpay, there could soon come a time when we may be not be able to honor withdrawal requests. Please continue only if you understand this risk.