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Congratulations to all the Cryptochamps

CryptoChamp – a unique challenge that not only lets you trade, it even pays you to trade is now complete. Missed participating? Join the waitlist for the next edition.

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Cryptochamp 1st edition








Meet The Cryptochamp Winners Highlights


  • Highlights

    Top 10 traders get to keep
    their entire balance

  • Highlights

    Zero trading fees during
    the contest period

  • Highlights

    All participating traders
    who follow the rules
    get €100

Cryptochamp 1st Edition Winners
  • Username
    Trade Volume
    Total Worth
  • da******@gmail.com
    € 148,105.95
    € 1,338.74
  • le******@gmail.com
    € 170,673.73
    € 1,256.69
  • ca******@hotmail.com
    € 116,580.47
    € 1,244.44
  • ma******@ta******.com
    € 110,093.25
    € 1,099.61
  • ef******@gmail.com
    € 104,305.81
    € 1,081.94
  • ad******@gmail.com
    € 102,908.24
    € 1,071.61
  • gi******@outlook.it
    € 115,381.32
    € 1,069.07
  • zj******@gmail.com
    € 102,610.23
    € 1,068.80
  • th******@gmail.com
    € 104,429.97
    € 1,046.99
  • mi******@gmail.com
    € 104,579.69
    € 933.72


What is Zebpay CryptoChamp?

Zebpay CryptoChamp is a competition to find and recognize world's top Crypto trader.

50 selected participants will get €1000 each (risk free) to trade for 30 days. At the end of the competition period, top 10 crypto traders get to keep their entire balance. All other participants who fulfill the competition rules receive €100 each. So the risk is all ours and the gain is all yours.

What are the competition rules?

The key criteria to be eligible to compete:

1. Your trading volume should be €100000 (one hundred thousand) during the competition period

2. Only BTC-EUR pair will be considered for volume and valuation computation

3. You need to trade on at least 25 days during the 30 days competition window

4. You need to have a verified & active Zebpay account to successfully participate in the contest

Is this competition trading in real money or is it a simulation?

Participants will be given real money to trade and they shall be generating real money profits during the competition. It is not a simulation!

Will I need to pay trading fees for the trades made during the competition?

NO. Zero trading fees will be applicable for the participants of the competition.

Can I add more of my own money or withdraw money during the competition?

You cannot withdraw/deposit Euro or Crypto into your wallet during the course of the competition. However after the competition ends, you would be able to use your account as a regular trading account on Zebpay.

Is there a participation fee?

There is no participation fee. It is your expertise and our money.

About Zebpay

Zebpay is a trusted crypto exchange with a secure wallet. Our app is the fastest and easiest way to buy Bitcoin, Ether and other cryptos. More than 3 million people have trusted Zebpay for its security and ease of crypto trading.