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Zebpay Fees and Limits

Fees structure
Intraday trading
Cryptocurrencies deposit (receive) and withdrawal (send) fees
Verification levels
Cryptocurrencies deposit (receive) and withdrawal (send) limits

Exchange Fees

Fees Structure

  • Zebpay has maker and taker fees structure for trades. Learn more to understand how trades execute and who is a maker or a taker.
  • Zebpay supports order lifecycle of 28 days. Your buy/sell order will be in order book for 28 days from the date order was placed. If your order doesn’t get executed for 28 days or until you manually cancel the order within 28 days, your buy/sell order will be auto-canceled on the 29th day 12:00AM. This is applicable for both INR-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto buy/sell orders. Any partial order that has exceeded the validity of 28 days, will be auto-cancelled. In case of a buy partial order, the amount will be credited back to your wallet after auto-cancellation.
  • Fees for all crypto-to-crypto trading (maker, taker, and intraday) will be charged in the base currency. Base currency is the cryptocurrency against which you are trading another cryptocurrency. For example: In ETH-BTC trading pair, fees will be charged in base currency – BTC. In TRX-XRP trading pair, fees will be charged in base currency – XRP.
Coins Maker Fee Taker Fee
All Coins 0.20% 0.25%

Intraday Trading

  • If you buy and sell some bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies) on the same day, a fee of 0.1% will be applicable for the transactions.0.1% fee.

Note: For the purpose of intraday rebates, same day is the period from midnight-of-a-day to midnight-of-the-following-day.

Cryptocurrencies Deposit (Receive) and Withdrawal (Send) Fees

Coin Deposit Withdrawal
Bitcoin No Fees Dynamic*
Ether No Fees 0.015 ETH
Litecoin No Fees 0.01 LTC
Ripple No Fees 0.15 XRP
Bitcoin Cash No Fees 0.001 BCH
EOS No Fees 0.05 EOS
Tron No Fees 10 TRX

*Dynamic – Fee varies dynamically depending on the network traffic. Please check app for the exact fees.



Verification Levels

  • There are limits set for each verification level. If per day or per month limits are crossed even once, second level verification is compulsory. Learn more about verification and second level verification. All limits are mentioned at both levels – verification and second level verification.

Cryptocurrencies Deposit (Receive) and Withdrawal (Send) Limits

  • Limits for second level verification is only applicable for whitelisted addresses.
Coin Limit Per Transaction Per Day Per Month
Bitcoin Deposit Min 0.000001 BTC
Max 100 BTC
No Limit No Limit
Withdrawal Non whitelisted Min 0.0005 BTC
Max 1 BTC
Whitelisted Min 0.0005 BTC
Max 5 BTC
Second Level Verification: 10 BTC
10 BTC
Second Level Verification: 25
50 BTC
Second Level Verification: 200
Ether Deposit Min 0.0045 ETH
Max 1,000 ETH
No Limit No Limit
Withdrawal Non whitelisted Min 0.002 ETH
Max 5 ETH
15 ETH 80 ETH
Whitelisted Min 0.002 ETH
Max 25 ETH
Second Level Verification: 75 ETH
75 ETH
Second Level Verification: 150 ETH
320 ETH
Second Level Verification: 750 ETH
Litecoin Deposit Min 0.000001 LTC
Max 5,000 LTC
No Limit No Limit
Withdrawal Non whitelisted Min 0.0005 LTC
Max 20 LTC
50 LTC 450 LTC
Whitelisted Min 0.0005 LTC
Max 100 LTC
Second Level Verification: 250 LTC
250 LTC
Second Level Verification: 500 LTC
1800 LTC
Second Level Verification: 2500 LTC
Ripple Deposit Min 0.01 XRP
Max 10,00,000 XRP
No Limit No Limit
Withdrawal Non whitelisted Min 25 XRP
Max 4,000 XRP
10,000 XRP 80,000 XRP
Whitelisted Min 25 XRP
Max 20,000 XRP
Second Level Verification: 50,000 XRP
50,000 XRP
Second Level Verification: 1,00,000 XRP
3,20,000 XRP
Second Level Verification: 5,00,000 XRP
Bitcoin Cash Deposit Min 0.000001 BCH
Max 1,000 BCH
No Limit No Limit
Withdrawal Non whitelisted Min 0.0005 BCH
Max 4 BCH
10 BCH 50 BCH
Whitelisted Min 0.0005 BCH
Max 20 BCH
Second Level Verification: 50 BCH
50 BCH
Second Level Verification: 100 BCH
200 BCH
Second Level Verification: 500 BCH
EOS Deposit Min 0.0001 EOS
Max 1,00,000 EOS
No Limit No Limit
Withdrawal Non whitelisted Min 1 EOS
Max 200 EOS
500 EOS 5,000 EOS
Whitelisted Min 1 EOS
Max 1,000 EOS
Second Level Verification: 2,500 EOS
2,500 EOS
Second Level Verification: 5,000 EOS
20,000 EOS
Second Level Verification: 25,000 EOS
Tron Deposit Min 1 TRX
Max 1,00,00,000 TRX
No Limit No Limit
Withdrawal Non whitelisted Min 15 TRX
Max 40,000 TRX
1,00,000 TRX 10,00,000 TRX
Whitelisted Min 15 TRX
Max 2,00,000 TRX
Second Level Verification: 5,00,000 TRX
Min 15 TRX
Max 5,00,000 TRX
Second Level Verification: 10,00,000 TRX
Min 15 TRX
Max 40,00,000 TRX
Second Level Verification: 25,00,000 TRX

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