Supported Banks

You can pay to any of our following bank accounts for depositing funds via normal transfer option.

Please Note:

  • There are no fees for having a Zebpay account or for holding funds in your Zebpay account. You may hold assets as long as desired; your account will not be closed due to inactivity.
  • After creating a Rs deposit order, you need to make payment from your bank account to Zebpay’s bank account via RTGS / NEFT, IMPS or UPI.
  • In Remarks – Mention your registered mobile number. If not, we will not be able to validate and process your deposit order.
  • For IMPS and UPI deposits, submit the payment reference number in the correct format and attach a screenshot of payment reference number from your bank statement.
Bank Name Bank Details RTGS/NEFT or IMPS UPI
Indian Overseas Bank Beneficiary Name: Zeb IT Service Pvt. Ltd.
Account number: 035302000003607
IFSC: IOBA0000353
Account Type: Current Account
Yes Yes
Central Bank of India Beneficiary Name: Zeb IT Service Pvt Ltd
Account Number: 3608853404
Account Type: Current
Yes Yes
Bandhan Bank Beneficiary Name: Zeb IT Service Private Limited
Account Number: 10170001750812
Account Type: Current
Yes No


Exchange Fees

Zebpay has maker and taker fees structure for trades. Learn more to understand how trades execute and who is a “maker” or a “taker”.

Coins Maker Fee Taker Fee
All Coins 0.20% 0.25%

18% GST will be extra

INR Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

Normal Transfer Deposit (RTGS / NEFT / IMPS) No Fees
Payment Gateway Deposit Payment gateway fees are dynamic as per your bank.
Withdrawal Rs 10

Cryptocurrencies Deposit (Receive) and Withdrawal (Send) Fees

Coin Deposit Withdrawal
Bitcoin No Fees Dynamic*
Ether No Fees 0.002 ETH
Litecoin No Fees 0.006 LTC
Ripple No Fees 0.03 XRP
Bitcoin Cash No Fees 0.001 BCH

*Dynamic – Fee varies dynamically depending on the network traffic. Please check app for the exact fees.

Verification Levels
There are limits set for each verification level. If per day or per month limits are crossed even once, enhanced verification is compulsory. Learn more about verification and enhanced verification. All limits are mentioned at both levels – verification and enhanced verification.


Buy and Sell Limits

Level Per Transaction (Rs) Per Day (Rs) Per Month (Rs)
Basic Verification Min 1,000
Max 50,00,000
2 Crores 10 Crores
Enhanced Verification Min 1,000
Max 2 Crores
5 Crores 25 Crores

INR Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

Limits Per Transaction (Rs) Per Day (Rs) Per Month (Rs)
Normal Transfer Deposit (RTGS / NEFT / IMPS) Min 5,000
Max 50 lacs
1 crore

Enhanced verification:
2 crores

2 crores

Enhanced verification:
5 crores

Payment Gateway Deposit Min 2,500
Max 5 lacs
5 lacs 2 crores
Withdrawal Max 50 lacs 50 lacs

Enhanced verification:
1 crore

2 crores

Enhanced verification:
5 crores

Cryptocurrencies Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

Coin Limit Per Transaction Per Day Per Month
Bitcoin Deposit Min 0.000001 BTC
Max 100 BTC
No Limit No Limit
Withdrawal Min 0.0005 BTC
Max 5 BTC

Enhanced Verification:
15 BTC

10 BTC

Enhanced Verification:
25 BTC

300 BTC
Ether Deposit Min 0.0001 ETH
Max 3,000 ETH
No Limit No Limit
Withdrawal Min 0.02 ETH
Max 5,000 ETH

Enhanced Verification:
15,000 ETH

10,000 ETH

Enhanced Verification:
25,000 ETH

1,00,000 ETH
Litecoin Deposit Min 0.000001 LTC
Max 501 LTC
No Limit No Limit
Withdrawal Min 0.0005 LTC
Max 100 LTC

Enhanced Verification:
300 LTC

200 LTC

Enhanced Verification:
500 LTC

1,000 LTC

Enhanced Verification:
2,000 LTC

Ripple Deposit Min 0.01 XRP
Max 10,00,000 XRP
No Limit No Limit
Withdrawal Min 25 XRP
Max 5000 XRP
5,000 XRP 10,000 XRP
Bitcoin Cash Deposit Min 0.000001 BCH
Max 300 BCH
No Limit No Limit
Withdrawal Min 0.0005 BCH
Max 50 BCH

Enhanced Verification:
150 BCH

100 BCH

Enhanced Verification:
250 BCH

1,000 BCH