stay safe online

Prevent Phishing

Prevent Phishing

Cryptocurrencies globally has seen increased popularity over the years. This has opened doors for phishing attacks. Scams and emails have become common and this calls for you to be alert in securing your investments. 

Learn how to stay safe online, identify and prevent phishing.

Phishing Alert

Phishing Alert!

Phishing is a fraudulent attempt to act legit in order to trick you into providing your account details and access your investments. You need to stay vigilant as cryptocurrency transactions are fast, private and irreversible.

Watch Out For

Emails, SMS and Social Media

You need to be aware of fake text messages, emails or social media accounts that claim to be Zebpay and carry similar branding.

These messages can ask you for sensitive and confidential information such as missing account information, verification details, PINs or passwords.

Email, SMS and Social Media

Apps, Plugins and Extensions

Make sure that you download our app from official sources only. You can create your digital currency wallet from our app available on Play Store and App Store.

We do not support any plugins or extensions. Downloading or usage of any other products from the third-party source will lead your investments to be vulnerable.

Apps, Plugins and Extensions

Checklist For Identifying Phishing & Tips To Protect Yourself

  • Always check the URL before clicking on it. Do not open if the link is not from , unusual or difficult to read.

  • Be wary of clicking on shortened URLs on social media or in emails.

  • Browse the links that are secured with HTTPS only. The “s” is for the secured site.

  • Zebpay will never ask you for PIN/password, account details or any confidential information. Never share these details on social media or in emails.

  • Any information claiming fixed returns or schemes from Zebpay should not be considered legitimate. We do not endorse any schemes and offers. You need to immediately report to us at

  • Do not respond to wrongly presented details of your wallet. These messages are shared to create a panic situation and can propel you to take wrong decisions in a hurry.

  • Download Zebpay app from Play store and App store only.
ZebpayZebpay is a leading bitcoin and crypto exchange. We ensure to implement all necessary steps to keep your wallet safe and secure. This is an attempt to educate you for all possible phishing attacks and scams.

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